A.L. Mariani
Playwright, Screenwriter,
Theatre and Film Director 

Winner Best Short PLay 10x10xInfinity Short Play Festival of 2018

I Got You, Babe

Published in Lawrence Harbison's anthology, The Best Ten-Minute Plays of 2018,

A Dark Comdey       10- Minute Play " A modern day A Doll's House." Fredric has built his perfect android girlfriend Leslie, except for one flaw She Keeps breaking up with him. 

Ruth Solorzano 

"I Got You, Babe"
Winner the 10x10xInfnity Best Short Plays 2018
Ruth is delighted to be originating the role of Leslie, In I got you, babe.  She recently closed a production of "Creekside Vista, A Kinkaid Family Vineyard." with the Reckless Theatre. She was featured in Darrius Rucker and Robert Randolph’s' "Love Do What It Do" music video. She played the role of Cassie in the dark comedy pilot " Sweater Cows" and worked with Punch Drunk on virtual reality interactive live theatrical experience. Ms. Solórzano studied Theatre at California State university, Chico a moved to New York three years ago after two-years stint in Los Angeles. She is also a commercial Model and Legit Soprano, she is of Dominican and Guatemalan descent and is proud of her Spanish-Speaking heritage. In her free time, you will find her practicing Pilates and enjoying the sunshine. She would like to thank her
New York family for all their love and support. 
​LESLIE- "I just feel like you control my whole life, like everything I experience has been programed by you. Like you have my whole life planned out for me."

Walter Michael DeForest

Walter Deforest: Write & Producer of Van Gogh Find Yourself (#vgfy) teaching portrait drawing while creating experimental art on stage all while revealing the truth behind the ear incident, true faith, his death and Vincent's commitment to an artistic vision. Upcoming shows - Orlando Fringe: NYC: London: Edinburgh and Barnes Museum in Philadelphia. Studied with Suzanne Esper and Peter Michael Marino. Pamela Scott is Walter's acting coach. and thanks to Ryan’s Daughter for their support. 
World Premiere
The Manhattan Repertory Theatre 

Opeing Night In NYC 

Thank you to Ruth and Walter for giving such wonderful performances of Leslie and Fredric. You two brought my words and their world to life.  The Manhattan Repertory Theatre April 7th & 8th 2017.