A.L. Mariani
Playwright, Screenwriter,
Theatre and Film Director 

Winner Best Short PLay 10x10xInfinity Short Play Festival of 2018

  1. Don't you forget about me!
  2. Don't you forget about me!
  3. Don't you forget about me!
  4. Don't you forget about me!
  5. Don't you forget about me!
  6. Don't you forget about me.
  7. Don't you forget about me!
  8. Don't You Forget about me!
  9. Don't you forget about me!
!Don't You Forget About Me
Award Winning Short "Don't You Forget About Me" World renowned journalist and political cartoonist who is killed by ISIS now haunts his home until his untold life story it published.​

Screened:The London Shows International Film Festival (London, Untied Kingdom), LA Shorts Awards, (Los Angeles, CA, United States),Barcelona Planet Film Festival. (Barcelona, Spain),I Filmmaker Independent Film Festival (Marbella, Spain),Miami Independent Film Festival (Miami, FL, United States),NYC Indie Film Awards (New York City, NY, United States), Roma Cinema DOC (Rome, Italy),Access Code Short Film Festival (Bangalore, India), Ozark Shorts (Lamar, MO, Untied States), The 16th Ozark Foothills Film Fest (Batesville, AR, United States), Texas Ultimate Shorts (Fort Worth, TX, United States), Canada International Film Festival (Vancouver, BC, Canada), L-Dub Film Festival (Lake Worth, FL, Untied States), Crimson Screen Horror Film Fest (Charleston, SC, Untied States)The Best Shorts Competition (La Jolla, CA United States), Colossus Film Festival (Rodos, Greece), Little Rock Picture Show, (Little Rock, AR, Untied States), The Swedish International Film Festival (Stockholm, Sweden), Venice Film week (Venice, Italy)Blow-up Chicago International Arthouse Film Festival (Chicago, IL, Untied States), Afterlife Paranormal Film Festival (Gettysburg, PA, United States)
 2016 Remi Winner Best Suspense Thriller Houston WorldFest                                          2016 Winner Best Screenplay LA Shorts Awards                                                                             2016 Best Screenplay NYC Indie Film Awards                                                                                2016 Best Short Film Canada Film Festival 2016.