A.L. Mariani
Playwright, Screenwriter,
Theatre and Film Director 

Winner Best Short PLay 10x10xInfinity Short Play Festival of 2018

  1. Directing
    Theatre productions: THE ROOSTER REBELLION The Zoo Story-Edward Albee, The Adding Machine-Elmer Rice, Penguin Blues- Ethan Phillips, The Ballad of Love Canal- Joyce Carol Oats, Billbo-Sean Morgan, Salaam Huey Newton Salamm- Ed Bullins, Judevine-David Budbill. Short Films: The Rooster Rebellion,The Hobbit: Night Before Xmas. Television Everything I'm Not- Epoisode 6
  2. Playwright/Screenwriter
    Stageplays: The Rooster Rebellion. I got you, Babe. Camouflaged Nails The hole in the Wall. Snickerdooled. The virginity of tic tac toe. Getting out. Searching For Julia. One Acts: Darnell, and Sparkman. Sreenplays: Lullaby In Birdland, ReadingThe World. The Rooster Rebellion. Shorts: Don't you Forget About Me !The Rooster Rebellion,The Cigarette Load.
  3. Awards
    Winner Best Short Play 10x10xInfinity Short Play Festival 2018 2016 Gold Remi Best Suspense Best Screenplay LA Shorts Award Best Director NYC INDIE Film Awards Maple Leaf Award Best Short Film Canada Film Festivial 2016 Red Lion Awards; 3rd Place Best Stage Play London Film Awards

The Rooster Rebellion 
Stage Reading in February of 2018 as part of The Dramatist Guild of America's Footlights Reading Series. The directed by
Paula D'Alessandris
 Artistic Director/Founder of the Mind the Gap theatre in NYC and performed at
The Marry Rogers Room,
The Dramatist Guild of America, Time Square, NYC.

I​ Got You, Babe. 

" A modern day A Doll's House." Fredric has built his perfect android girlfriend Leslie, except for one flaw She Keeps breaking up with him. Premire: April 7th & 8th, 2017 at the Manhattan Repertory Theatre. Fredric (Walter Michael Deforest) and Leslie (Ruth Solorazano). 

"I Got You, Babe" was one of the 10 plays selected to be performed in March of 2018 by Infinity Stage.Thank you for your patience as we read over 340 entries submitted from 5 countries and 23 states.
We are excited to be producing such high quality work.
Attached is a publishing contract, which essentially states that you are entering into a non-exclusive agreement with Infinity Stage to publish your play online at InfinityStage.com. 


The Manhattan Repertory Theatre Presents:    I Got You, Babe
a new play by Anthony L. Mariani

(​​Dark Comdey),  the story of Fredric (Walter Michael Deforest) and Leslie (Ruth Solorazano).
"A modern day A Doll's House." 

Fredric has built the pefrect Android Girlfrind, except for one thing.
She dose not love him. 

APRIL 7TH & 8TH 6:30PM  
​NY, NY 10046
I​ Got You Babe
10 x 10 Infinity Stage Winner 2018 -A Dark Comdey 10- Minute Play " A modern day A Doll's House." Fredric has built his perfect android girlfriend Leslie, except for one flaw She Keeps breaking up with him. Premire: April 7th & 8th, 2017 at the Manhattan Repertory Theatre.
Camouflaged Nails
Lisa is one of the thousands of female veterans who live couch surfing or in their cars on the streets. Camouflaging the fact that they are homeless. Lisa, has to move her car for the cities Memorial Day Parade.
​​​​​Ten Minute Plays by A.L.Mariani 
The Hole In the Wall
Martin is a Martian visting his mothters gave on his birthday, when he is startled by this lonley alien Maria who is searching for her son.
Diana's Ark
Darcy, A twin less twins
 breaks into a city zoo and holds a Panda bear at knife point demanding that the Zoo builds a NOAH’S ARK MEMORIAL.

The Rooster



The story of Shell (Jon McKenna), the ex-history teacher who is now homeless and lives in an abandoned Aldwych ghost station deep in the underground of London. Reece-Anne (Augusta Woods) the student who runs away from her religious, zealous mother Mrs. Wheeler (Rowena Bentley) to take care of her teacher. They panhandle together in front of the National Gallery competing with Norris a homeless Veteran (Richard Oliver) for handouts. Live original music by (Stewart Harding). Most importantly were a theatre company with a heart, we have embraced and support Masato Limited and their Social Responsibility campaign @beanies_masato providing Beanies for Homeless shelters and their Hopeful Traders program working with Streetskitchen.co.uk.
Dont you Forget about Me!
Ashley Inherited Her late Uncle Ruben's Home, But Waht did She Find inside?
Ashley, a 35-year-old widow, inherits a house from her Uncle Ruben, a World renowned journalist and political cartoonist, who was captured and beheaded by ISIS.  She returns to a city that she has not been to since she was fourteen with her two teenage daughter’s Claire and Allison. Meeting with her late Uncle’s lawyer she receives a package full of promo buttons from the movie, The Breakfast Club, the film she saw with her Uncle on her last visit with him as a teenage girl.
They move into the house on a Friday, and are left without electric for the weekend. Ashley soon notices some very peculiar behavior of her daughters, and can’t determined if it’s them acting out or if something very strange is going on in her Uncle’s house.
Lullaby in Birdland


Romantic Comedy      
 Is the story of Daphne Stratton, a BBC Radio Writer who leaves London for month long holiday in America, to search for the story that will launch her Reporter Career.
         She uncovers the story of Josie Summer’s a sixteen-year-old boy in rural Arkansas, who has the gift of communicating with ducks, with the help of a duck call he inherited from his late game warden grandfather. He uses it to protect the ducks natural habitat called lake Lug nut. Josie builds a tree house in the middle of the island on the lake.  He then terrorizes the hunters and bankers with percussion flights of ducks bombarding their excrement on their poor vicctims. Daphne becomes Involved in a romance with
     Josie's guardian, the town drunk, Uncle Jake and  she soon becomes a serrated mother to Josie and the only go between  his  bird nest and the outside world.


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